Embracing Mindful Change

Using evidence based practice, Noirin Lennox supports people living with persistent pain and chronic illness. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) have been shown to reduce suffering and increase vitality for greater health and wellbeing. The team at Hilltop Psychology provide CBT and ACT based interventions to help people connect with their deeply held values and to live their lives with meaning and energy.



In addition to persistent pain rehabilitation, Hilltop Psychology sees the increasing need for additional support for people resulting from the many new, unknown & varied medical, psychological and emotional challenges connected to the Covid 19 pandemic.


Programme (PMP)

The gold standard in the rehabilitation of persistent pain and chronic illness. Hilltop Psychology provides interdisciplinary PMPs across the lifespan. Whether you have been experiencing pain for 1 year or 10 years or more, we provide evidence based support and guidance to help reduce suffering and regain greater quality of life”


Hilltop Psychology Ltd. provides insight for the next generation of medical practitioners. “Noirin offers training to medical Doctors, AHPs and HCPs who want to enhance their practice through clear communication and compassionate care as well as preventing professional burnout.

Why Choose Hilltop Health Psychology?

Health psychology is the study of psychological and behavioural processes in health, illness, and healthcare (Johnston, 1994)

Nóirín Lennox trading as Hilltop Health Psychological Services Ltd.
sits on the Division of Health Psychology Committee with the Psychological Society of Ireland.

She is a member of the Irish Rheumatology Health Professionals Society and the Association for Contextual and Behavioural Science.

Noirin has presented her research Internationally at Psychology, Rheumatology (EULAR) and Pain Conferences (EFIC) and nationally at the Psychology, Health and Medicine Conference (PHM) and at the Irish Society for Rheumatology meetings.

Specialising in ACT for Chronic Pain, Nóirín has developed, implemented and evaluated ACT based behavioural health interventions for Rheumatology Services in University Hospital Waterford (UHW), University Hospital Limerick (UHL) and Cork University Hospital (CUH).

Nóirín offers patients a kind and compassionate service that includes an evidence based mind – body approach which creates a space for healing and growth.

Research has shown that quality conversations between physicians and patients lead to better health outcomes for patients as well as greater wellbeing for HCPs themselves. Burnout amongst HCPs is becoming increasingly common. HCPs find themselves under greater time and energy pressure, with greater demands being placed on their services, especially since the onset of the Covid 19 era.

Nóirín has been providing education and training to healthcare practitioners since 2012. She began lecturing at the Graduate Entry Medical School (GEMS) at the Univeristy of Limerick (UL) in 2014. She has also delivered in house workshops, to interdisciplinary groups of HCPs in hospitals and in primary care centres. Feedback from these trainings show that HCPs have gained insights into how to reduce empathic distress fatigue and compassion fatigue, while improving their energy to deliver the kind of care they wish to offer to their patients who present with pain and suffering.